Day 3

Even though I was being sarcastic about turning a t-shirt into a headband, that’s what I did today. I actually really like headbands, and I have approximately 2 million t-shirts that I never wear. I followed this tutorial with a few minor changes. Instead of using a solid colored tee I used a striped one, and I made mine very thin because I prefer (and by prefer I mean am capable of pulling off) that type of headband.

I took pictures, but I can’t upload them right now, so you’re just going to have to trust my description of the final project. At least until tomorrow/when I can upload the pictures. It looks good, but you can’t tell that it’s braided. It looks more like a friendship bracelet, knotted type of weave. I think doing the five strip braid works better when making a thicker headband, so if I did it again I’d braid three wider strips. Unless I want the knotted look again, which maybe I will since it also looks pretty cool (as you’ll see tomorrow).

This project didn’t require sewing or any other actual skill, so it was exactly the kind of craft I like. Okay, really it’s the only kind of craft I can do. I mean, seriously, I look around on Pinterest and am in awe of all the ways people find to re-purpose stuff they have laying around. Pretty much 90% of those projects are out of my league, so I appreciate easier ones that make me feel like even I can be crafty.

Overall, I’m calling day three a success. I’m hoping you’ll agree when you see the pictures tomorrow.


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